omg you're home! i'm gonna call you ok



dear sophie:
this is my pet elephant gertrude, he is approx 7 years old and i got him when i was 9 when i caught him in the wild. thats my dad with him. she gave birth to another elephant recently but the elephant went wild. yesterday i found the elephant again and named him fernando. i am allowing you to own fernando for now.

xoxoxox your friend in africa


i love you australiannnn

Bold your favorite ships.

Hanna and Sean

Hanna and Lucas

Hanna and Caleb

Emily and Ben

Emily and Alison

Emily and Toby

Emily and Hanna

Emily and Maya

Emily and Paige

Emily and Samara

Aria and Ezra

Aria and Noel

Aria and Jason

Spencer and Wren

Spencer and Alex

Spencer and Toby 

Spencer and Aria

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